University Campus

This university earned an A+ using data-driven content on their screens around campus to inform and engage students, faculty and staff.

This is an example of how to use Connect in a university venue.

About This University

For this example, this is a public university. It offers multiple bachelor's degrees and graduate programs in a variety of fields. Thousands of students and professors study and teach here each year.

Keeping screens fresh and up-to-date with relevant information was the biggest pain point solved while using Connect for this university. 

Project Summary

Since every building had screens with unique requirements, content maintenance was a demanding task. Screens introduced Resident Assistants to freshmen so they felt more at home during their first year on campus, assist with campus navigation and encourage the use of different spaces on campus.


Effective, Easy Communication

Communication noise in education venues is especially loud, and relevant digital signage content cuts through it.

The administrative offices of different schools on campus were able to use screens to show course catalog and registration information instead of relying solely on a student or professor sifting through a crowded inbox of emails. 

By updating spreadsheets and calendars (which was already a part of their daily workload) Connect ingested that data and filled everyone in on upcoming events and changes happening via the screens in different program buildings.

The number of issues through campus support due to miscommunication decreased as a result. 

Combatting full inboxes, one high visibility registration date and open course at a time.

Screenfeed Connect’s ability to integrate with so many different data sources is what truly decreased the required lift to maintain to this university. All of the relevant information was already being managed online - the missing piece of the puzzle was Connect to update screens automatically. 

Turning Campus Into A Community

As freshmen move onto campus each year and current students move through their programs, the university needed to maintain a high level of accomodation and inclusivity to every student.  

Freshman Support

There are seven different dorm buildings that are the new home to thousands of new freshmen trying to get their bearings. 

Each floor of each building is home to a Resident Assistant (RA), an older student available to answer questions or be a resource.

Gathering this information from all of the RAs manually would have been impossible - Connect changes that.

These Resident Assistants took less than five minutes to fill out a form that updated screens to show their contact info, times they are available to answer questions, and other facts about themselves.

Dining Halls

The dining hall and campus menus are also displayed digitally to save staff the time of updating menus for breakfasts, lunches and dinners.

The menus simply have to be posted online in a list or spreadsheet, and from there they can be used to automatically populate digital menus through Connect.  

Updating menus on print or on a written board is now a thing of the past.

Facility Availability & Navigation

To display the latest fieldhouse availability to groups and students that want to use the space for practices or events, a fieldhouse calendar was added in the gym area. Office staff can easily add or remove groups that want to book time, then the calendars update and reflect every 15 minutes onto the screen.

Directory screens were added throughout the campus between the four main school buildings so everyone can find where they need to be in a timely manner. 

The Impact

The communication pain point as a whole was relieved via the addition of Connect to university screens. Providing a quick answer that saves someone an email or a phone call goes a long way in a setting where students, staff and professors are already moving a mile a minute. Making information more accessible creates an environment that is more supportive of those it serves, which is the biggest benefit of Connect that this university experienced.