Customer: Lightbox

Lightbox used Connect to combine ad videos with weather data for a perfect content combination.

About Lightbox

Lightbox is a video advertisement network that spans the United states with 400 high traffic locations and 4800 screens in 2023.

If you've checked out at a grocery store or taken a stroll around a local mall, there's a change you've seen a screen that is part of the Lightbox OOH video Network!

Project Summary

Lightbox was initially interested in weather; specifically, the current temperature as a part of a customer brief for a travel promotion. They wanted to display a video highlighting the warm temperatures at different destinations.

Using both Screenfeed weather data and Screenfeed Connect, they were able to get a weather temperature overlay that didn't sacrifice any ad space.

They opted to overlay their ad video with the Connect weather app and voila, an ad video with dynamic real time weather. 

From Minnesota, with our foot of snow... Santa Barbara looks pretty nice!

Data Integrated Ads

Infotainment is often a back-burner item for OOH networks. So when there is an opportunity to sell advertisement slots AND display something like weather data, combining the two just makes sense.

With Connect, ads don’t have to give up any screen real estate. Instead, live data items such as traffic, sports scores, financial data, weather or more can be integrated directly into the ad.

Beyond that, Connect now has the ability to bundle for pseudo offline playback, meaning no worries about the ad missing a key component. 


Integrating live data elements into advertisements has the power to catch more eyes, and increase dwell time. Lightbox has us dreaming of a sunny 79° F beach while checking out at the local grocery store.