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We bet on our people making us great, and we're winning! You don't just get cutting-edge content from Screenfeed. You get a team of super-powered professionals that are armed with creativity, technical innovation, a constant itch to learn and most importantly a deep care for our customers.

Alisa Hetrick
Cody Lohse
Software Developer
Hunter Seuntjens
Customer Support
Jeff Gavin
Senior Motion Designer
Jenny Erickson
Content Editor
Jenny Harrington
Accounting & Finance
Jeremy Gavin
CEO | Head Content Chef
Jeremy Misener
VP | Operations
Jess Zynda
Customer Relationships
Jesse Gavin
Senior Software Developer
Kelly Hultine
Senior News Editor
Lorna Meyer
Pete Erickson
VP | Creative
Quentin Starin
Chief Technology Officer
Reece Zimm
Software Developer
Steve Glancey
VP | Business Development
Zack Stout
Software Developer
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