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We bet on our people making us great, and we're winning! You don't just get cutting-edge content from Screenfeed. You get a team of super-powered professionals that are armed with creativity, technical innovation, a constant itch to learn and most importantly a deep care for our customers.

Alisa Hetrick
Alyssa Voegele
Associate Creative Director
Chris Stone
Customer Relationships
Cody Lohse
Software Developer
Diorelle Graham
Senior Software Developer
Jeff Gavin
Senior Motion Designer
Jenny Harrington
Accounting & Finance
Jeremy Gavin
CEO | Head Content Chef
Jeremy Misener
VP | Operations
Jesse Gavin
Senior Software Developer
Josh Heidkamp
VP | Customer Happiness
Kelly Hultine
Senior News Editor
Mindy Hoese
Customer Relationships
Pete Erickson
VP | Creative
Quentin Starin
Chief Technology Officer
Reece Zimm
Software Developer
Steve Glancey
VP | Business Development
Zack Stout
Software Developer
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