Customer: JCDecaux

JCDecaux took the roadblocks out of creating dynamic and informative billboards for their ad customers.

About JCDecaux

Outdoor advertising is the name of the JCDecaux game. They are a global industry leader focused exclusively on outdoor advertising: street furniture, transport advertising and billboard advertising.

JCDecaux Chicago is a wing of the global OOH advertising company that is regularly asked about dynamic billboards by their clients.

Project Summary

Significant work had previously been done in-house for dynamic billboards. Now, JCDecaux Chicago was looking for an easier solution that didn't necessarily require a developer, and Screenfeed Connect was a perfect solution.

Creating Dynamic Billboard Content

One of their customers wanted to show traffic data/travel time estimates with their message for travelers who were zipping by or stuck in traffic.

Leveraging both Traffic Data and Connect from Screenfeed, JC Decaux created a content app that displayed an advertisement while also letting people know about current traffic conditions.

Traffic data updates throughout the day for an accurate traffic estimation

They also bundled Connect apps using their software to be played back for better resiliency. This means no blank spots on their playlist and a guarantee that their app would play back.


JCDecaux continues to find ways to best execute effective outdoor advertising. Using Connect was a solution to best serve their customers while also eliminating a pain point for those on the road.

These dynamic billboards help keep people informed while also displaying advertisements in an eye-catching format.