Gas Station

Connect puts the "convenience" in "convenience store" by making it easy to display daily sales and lottery jackpots on screens.

This is an example of how to use Connect in a gas station.

About This Gas Station

For this example, the gas station is a chain with multiple locations. It provides retail sales of oil and fuel, electric car charging, and other related convenience store items such as lottery, simple grocery and tobacco products.

Project Summary

Digital signage content created in Connect is not only being used on internal screens inside this gas station. It is also displayed on the screens at the pump!

Their goal was to cross-sell gas outside and get people into the store by displaying sale items or lottery tickets.


Cross-Selling at Gas Pumps

Powerball lottery or other lottery tickets are very popular throughout the states, and some prizes are drawn multiple times each week.

Mega Millions and Powerball jackpot numbers were displayed at the pump to entice someone to come in to buy a ticket- and additionally spend on other items!

Connect automatically pulls from the jackpot prize so the amount is always accurate. 

Are ya feelin' lucky?!

Dayparting of Sale Items

People visit gas stations at all hours of the day, and the time of visit definitely dictates what they’re coming in to purchase.

This gas station took advantage of dayparting content by showing fruits, coffee or bakery sales in the morning hours. This tailored screens perfectly to the morning crowd, and encouraged them to pick up some breakfast for the road.

A balanced breakfast doesn't come at a high cost if you hit the morning deals at the right time.

These items were also shown on the gas pump screens to promote a visit into the store!

The Impact

Digital signage used at the pumps encouraged more foot traffic into the store, and gave sale items a higher visibility while displayed on the screens.

Data connections and automatic updates in Connect eliminated any maintenance fatigue of daily sales or jackpot prizes that change on a weekly basis.

Store managers no longer had to rely on moving physical sale tags around the store or hand-writing food or product specials that were happening at any given time.