Customer: Mission Fastpitch Club

This fastpitch club hit a home run creating a motivating club atmosphere with custom, data-driven content in their training facility.

About Mission Fastpitch Club

Mission is a Minnesota-based club where high school softball athletes train and compete.

Skill and strength development are equally prioritized alongside teamwork, confidence building and positivity, meaning players can see growth in their game not only physically, but also mentally.

Custom content from Screenfeed in each training area is integral to promoting a motivating environment.

Project Summary

Mission's digital signage content from Screenfeed Connect creates a more personalized, positive and motivating softball experience for athletes.

What's even better is Connect used common tools like Google Sheets and Jotform to make this happen.

Each detail in the training facility is catered to creating the ultimate training experience that leaves an athlete with more skills AND more confidence than she came in with.  

The words from the coaches, the screens on the wall, the equipment provided - everything is intentional and keeps the girls coming back year after year.


Build Relationships

Relationships are fostered not only between players, but across teams as a whole at Mission. There are multiple teams that play at Mission, and many athletes that choose to come back year after because of this culture.

Everything from a coaches' words, to the digital signs on the wall, to the practice equipment play an integral part in maintaining this culture.

Shoutouts proved to be an easy win to call out achievements of or awesome qualities in an athlete, which celebrated them and motivated the rest simultaneously.

Giving credit where credit is due! 

By answering a few questions via Jotform on their phones, team members could give kudos to their peers that got displayed on the screens.

Coaches can also submit messages to screens, such as motivation ahead of a particularly grueling practice or praise for performance in a past competition.


The athletes that play at Mission are also highly motivated and aware of their current performances, always focusing on what they did well and how they can improve.

Various stats, such as exit velocity, were already being tracked across games and performances. It was a light lift to import that data into Connect and display for players to see while they practice.

Stats update weekly so players can see if their practices paid off.

Live Countdowns to Competitions

Tournaments and games are the opportunities for players to show off their skills and see how their training has paid off. Adding a live countdown to screens in the training room added focus and excitement to each practice.

Countdowns reinforce the importance of every rep and practice when working towards the displayed goal.

The Impact

Using digital signage content in the training facility demonstrates the dedication Mission has to providing a valuable club experience for the athletes.

Any club has access to performance statistics, quotes from team members or the date of the next tournament. But Mission took those data points and turned them into something motivational and uplifting.

It's difficult to build skills without confidence and a good team around you, and Mission used Connect to provide all three of those factors to its athletes.

On a larger scale, teams stick with Mission during their entire high school softball career, and younger athletes joining the mix because they know Mission is a great place to be.