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Example: Office Network with 2 Players
Small networks pay
only for what they need.
$ 8 $ 8 2 PLAYERS
$16/ Month Per Player
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Example: Waiting Room Network in 500 Locations
Large networks enjoy
highly discounted pricing.
15 % discount $ 2 50 $ 3 00 500 PLAYERS
$5/ Month Per Player
We'll work with you on a budget that works.

Save Money with
Bundles & the Screenfeed
Content Pass

If you are looking to buy 3 or more content feeds, our Bundles give you more value for less.

The Screenfeed Content Pass gives you access to dozens of content options for one price!

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We offer customized pricing for really small screens (under 24"), really large screens (over 160"), use on broadcast, intranets, etc. Let's talk it over.

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Details on Licensing

Each content feed requires a monthly license for each digital signage player that displays the content. The monthly license fee for each player decreases significantly the more licenses you purchase. Screenfeed delivers content to networks with 1 to 30,000 media players. Each licenses provides 1 media player the ability to display the licensed content on one screen, or up to 4 screens from the same media player. Should your media player power more than 4 screens, contact Screenfeed for a reasonable licensing option. Additionally, the standard licenses applies to screens no larger than 160" (diagonal); screens of larger sizes require a reasonable license option. Screenfeed serves over 1,500 customers with all different types of signage. So whatever your need is, we'll do our best to make getting dynamic content on your screens as easy and affordable as possible.