Subscriptions to each content offering can be purchased for a small monthly fee per media player. No long-term commitments, cancel anytime.

Pricing for each media player license decreases the more you buy that content offering with the goal of making excellent content available regardless if you have 1 screen or thousands! See the example shown on the right side of this page and click on our Complete Content menu here for all pricing.

Each content offering has its own price, sort of like premium cable channels. This allows you to only pay for what you'd use. Most of our customers purchase 2-3 content offerings for their screens.

We can bill your credit card automatically each month, or you can arrange alternative payment schedules or methods with us. We're happy to invoice for larger orders or pre-payment of 6 month periods.

Alternative Pricing

Bundle Discounts

We offer some pre-defined bundles (combinations of content feeds) that provide discounts when purchasing the feeds together. If you would like to mix and match your own custom bundle, and have more than 25 players, you are qualified to receive a custom bundle discount. Email or call us at +1-800-461-3002 to get your custom quote.

Quantity Discounts

The monthly price per media player is significantly discounted as you subscribe to a higher quantity of players as shown in the pricing table to the right. We currently serve customers ranging from 1 location to over 15,000 locations at an affordable value. If you have over 50 players, email or call us at +1-800-461-3002 to get your custom quote.

Use on Media Servers Powering many screens

Using a single player to deliver content to multiple screens within the same space, as in a hotel lobby, video wall, or sports bar? Have a unique set-up? Give us a call to discuss licensing.

Outdoor Billboard Pricing

The cost for any feed is $25 per week per face for outdoor digital billboards.

Large Format Digital Spectaculars

The cost for any feed is $50 per month per screen for large format, digital indoor spectaculars. Screens greater than 160" diagonal.

Online/Mobile/Website Pricing

Contact us for licensing online or mobile.

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Free 15-Day Trial

Try any non-event channel free for 15 days. No credit card required.

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