How Pricing Works

Every media player playing Screenfeed content requires a license to play the content. Screenfeed charges a low monthly license fee for each content subscription we offer. With our quantity-based pricing, the more media player licenses you buy, the lower the price per license.

For example:
You have two lobbies in a hotel, each with a media player that displays Screenfeed's weather graphics. The license cost for each media player is $8 making your monthly total $16.

Now this hotel would like to also add our popular Video News Bites content which has a cost of $12 for each license. The new monthly bill is now $16 for weather graphics, plus $24 for Video News Bites, which totals a monthly bill of $40.

High-Quantity Pricing

(100+ subscriptions)

Screenfeed offers highly discounted pricing to networks with 100 players or more. We currently serve networks as large as 35,000. Contact us to discuss discounted pricing and packages. For networks with under 100 screens, see our complete pricing list here

Non-Standard Pricing

We understand that there are many creative ways to display Screenfeed's content including large video walls, digital billboards, even small screens in urinals! (it's been done). To that end, contact us for pricing for the following scenarios:

  • Roadside Digital Billboards
  • Small format screens (7-21")
  • Large Spectacular screens in shopping centers
  • Media players powering more than 4 screens
  • Any use outside of digital signage (social, websites, cable, etc.)
  • OEM inclusion as part of your own service (i.e. included with software or product)
  • Broadcasted Channels to hotel rooms, hospital rooms, bars, airports, office etc.
  • Community Broadcast television channels to households
  • Video walls with more than 4 screens