Customer: Conroe Rodeo's

Conroe Rodeo's can update their delicious menu offerings and menu board designs at any time thanks to Screenfeed Connect.

About Conroe Rodeo's

Conroe Rodeo’s Chicken BBQ and Burgers out of Conroe, Texas is a quick-service restaurant that doesn’t skimp on flavor. Their claim to fame is delicious southern food faire at an affordable price.

Project Summary

Accurate menu boards are an integral part of any restaurant, and Rodeo’s had a specific image in mind for their boards. They wanted a design that would match their brand, but hiring a designer to keep menu boards current with updated pricing or featured items was too expensive.

They were introduced to Screenfeed by Raydiant, their CMS provider, who recommended Rodeo’s leverage Screenfeed Connect to set up their own custom menu boards.

Dynamic Menu Boards

Connect allowed Rodeo's to have full control of both menu updates and design. A custom integration with Square was created to allow them to pull in menu items and assigned prices.

These prices would update automatically on their screens if updates were made in Square. Rodeo's also didn't have to  compromise on the design and branding of their menu boards.

Rodeo's branded menu

They even went a step further by creating the static printed media for their outdoor drive-thru signs in Connect until those screens could be digitized.

Rodeo's drive-thru menu


Rodeo's can now dynamically update their screens from their POS system thanks to Connect and the Screenfeed team.

They were able to save the expense of a designer, avoid running the risk of their menus being out-of-date, and have a beautiful, branded set of menus to display. 

Connect provided a needed dynamism to these menu boards. If you are ever in Conroe, Texas be sure to stop by for some chicken and some southern hospitality.