Customer: Ballyhoo Media

Ballyhoo made a move to serve their community with custom content showing UV levels made in Screenfeed Connect.

About Ballyhoo

Ballyhoo Media is a multi-media advertising company started in Miami, Florida that’s stepping outside the box of traditional advertising. Displaying engaging media on Florida beaches, using waterways to reach millions of people with billboard boats, and engaging through digital signs on ferry boats is Ballyhoo’s claims to fame. 

Beyond direct advertising they host special events, drive-in cinemas, sports watch parties, display album covers, messages, and more. Recently, they have begun to expand into digital signage networks on different vessels.

Project Summary

The billboards people view on the water from the beach serve a much different purpose than screens on vessels that people use to travel. So with that recent expansion came an entirely new set of digital signage content needs.

One of Ballyhoo’s core values is serving their community, so the new content had to be helpful and relevant for those in Miami. Local information such as UV index updates for tourists was the perfect starting point.

Ballyhoo approached Screenfeed to assist in creating digital signage content powered by these local data sources using Connect.

UV Index Updates

Miami has a high tourist-to-local ratio, which means people might not be used to the Florida sun. UV levels can often spike from low to extreme, and burns can happen in less than 15 minutes at higher levels.

Ballyhoo and Screenfeed worked together to create content in Connect with a meter design to display a daily reading of the UV index. Based on local data, audiences can know when it’s safe to enjoy the sun and when it might be a good idea to find some shade.

Time for an extra layer of sunscreen!


UV levels were just the tip of the iceberg when it came to ideas that Ballyhoo had for local screens. As they settle into their new networks, they will continue to develop local content ideas that best serve audiences and push the digital signage envelope in the waterways.

Connect empowers Ballyhoo to bring these impactful content ideas to life that will serve their community on the waterways. Keep your eyes peeled if you ever find yourself on the Miami beaches or ferry boats!