Corporate Communications

Corporate Communications

This company gave used Connect to boost cross-team communication and collaboration in a corporate setting.

This is an example of how to use Connect for corporate communications.

About This Business

In this example, this company is a large group with an established sales, marketing and account team. Teams move at a fast pace, and screens across the office are used for internal and cross-team collaboration.

As these groups requested new metrics and messages on the screens, keeping content updated and on-brand threatened to become unmanageable. A solution was needed, and Screenfeed Connect came into play.

Project Summary

In Connect, business data now syncs automatically to populate the screens with update content. KPI data for sales, countdowns to campaigns, and team calendars are now more relevant, informative, and supportive of cross-team collaboration.


Inform with KPI Data

Keeping KPI data across various teams updated was the biggest pain point before Connect. Now, Connect can ingest data and update screens hourly without requiring designer intervention.

KPI metrics summarized on a screen beats a written report any day.

Cross-Team Countdowns

Countdown content is a simple yet effective tool to avoid the silo effect between teams. If a campaign is launching soon, the date can be defined in Connect with a countdown widget.

The remaining time will actively count down and the designer won’t have to lift a finger until the countdown is over! 

Here comes the launch! Let teams know their hard work paid off.

Organize Clients & Meetings

The Accounts team requested their shared calendar to be displayed so everyone can see key client meetings. Connect pulls updated calendar data every 15 minutes so everyone is always in-the-loop.

Meeting time changed? Call got cancelled? Just check the screen.

The Impact

On-brand content creation and maintenance is now a manageable task in Connect. The company's designer can now spend time on what they do best, and screens are fresh and incredibly relevant across multiple teams.