How it Works


Screenfeed is a digital signage media provider that offers a collection of ready-made,
beautifully-crafted content options that continuously update in order to engage your viewers and keep your screens fresh.

Each content feed can be licensed to a media player for a small monthly fee per player. The monthly price per media player is significantly discounted as you subscribe to a higher quantity of players. You can subscribe here on our online store, give us a call, or speak with a Screenfeed reseller.

Once subscribed, you'll schedule Screenfeed content along with other messages in a playlist which you manage with your choice of any digital signage software (we work with them all). The Screenfeed content will continue to update in the background, providing you fresh new content on an ongoing basis without any additional actions.

Screenfeed content also can be integrated with your other messages in any manner you prefer. For example, you may choose to display a Screenfeed weather forecast, then your own message you have created, followed by a Screenfeed news story. As your media player loops back through your playlist a second time, the Screenfeed content will update to display the current weather forecast and updated new news stories it pulls in automatically.

Screenfeed content does not need to take over your entire screen. It can be played in any zone you define in addition to playing full screen if you choose. Most feeds can also be customized to your look-and-feel or for irregular sized zones.

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