Customer: Skyview Mall

Skyview Mall's screens went the extra mile using Connect to showcase exciting countdowns featuring upcoming monthly events.

About Skyview Mall

Skyview Mall is located in the heart of New York City with more than 700,000 square feet of iconic retail and dining options.

They have a large screen on the wall of the main mall entrance used to display tenant sales, event details and now a countdown clock to increase awareness and anticipation around upcoming events.

Project Summary

Skyview mall hosts multiple events every month to encourage visits and engagement from mall patrons.

This summer, they wanted to boost excitement around an End of Summer Bash of carnival games, face painting, balloons, photo booths, live performances and more.

Event Countdown Clock

The construction of this countdown content was especially simple as Skyview already had creative assets prepared for the event. The countdown clock was repurposed from those, adding additional usage and value to those assets.

This countdown clock for the End of Summer Bash matched the other content piece displaying event details, making for an eye-catching and cohesive playlist rotation.

The eye-catching design paired with the real-time countdown is a match made in content heaven

Since widgets like the countdown clock can be added to any custom design or template, it was easy to build the app to match event branding.

The alternative would have been spending time finding a clock online that might (or might not) match the event brand.

Skyview also subscribes to Content-As-A-Service from Screenfeed, allowing them to be completely hands-off in their digital signage content creation process.

The Impact

Skyview’s screens, especially their Jumbotron at the front entrance, increased awareness of and participation in events. Adding Connect’s countdown clock to the mix multiplies that awareness, anticipation and overall engagement from mall tenants.