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The intimidating gym stereotype has no place here! See how fitness centers can use Connect to meet goals and celebrate members.

This is an example of how to use Connect in a gym venue.

About This Fitness Center

For this example, this fitness center is one that offers weights, cardio equipment, daily classes and open gym time. Their goal this year was to feature their trainers, inspire and motivate members, and increase class attendance.

Using Connect, the gym created an entire set of branded digital signage content that helped them meet their engagement and retention goals.

Project Summary

Digital signage content was a huge value add to this fitness center, used for inspiring and motivating members and making the space feel more personal. Clients got to know their trainers, classes were advertised better and members were celebrated using on-brand and fresh content.


Introduce Trainers

The first thing they added to their screen rotation around the gym was bios on each of their personal trainers.

The trainers simply filled out a form on their phones, which populated a spreadsheet that Connect ingests to display their answers right onto the screen. 

Gym managers and trainers can now focus on their clients rather than trying to maintain screens.

The content featured what each trainer specializes in and a fun fact about themselves. Each week the trainers would submit a new fun fact answer to a form and the template would update automatically through Connect.

Update Class Schedules & Open Gym Time

After connecting to a calendar through Google Calendar, the Connect calendar widget displayed daily upcoming classes so members could tell what classes were being offered that week.

A QR code was also added to the corner that allowed members to sign up for the class directly on their phones.

As long as the gym updated events in their calendar of choice, then Connect reflected those changes automatically.

Inspire & Celebrate Members

The last Connect apps were created to inspire and celebrate the members that visited the fitness center most often.

Monthly visits are tallied automatically and the top 20 visitors are displayed on screens to give them a virtual pat on the back for their hard work and encourage future visits.

Everyone loves to be recognized for a job well done!

Trainers could also add a submit note of inspiration every morning or before a certain session or class to get everyone into the right mindset.

No work on their end had to be done besides thinking of what they wanted to say and doing a quick form submission that feeds right into Connect and onto the screens.

A verbal pick-me-up for anyone who needs it during their workout.


The fitness center now offers a more welcoming experience using content on screens that inspires and celebrates members.

Trainers noticed members eyeing screens as they went about their workouts, and saw quite a few using the QR code to sign up for classes.

Content followed brand guidelines and managers were empowered to be more creative with what is being displayed on screens thanks to the data and design tools available in Connect.