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Social Apps FAQs

Social Apps FAQs

Get the answers to the most frequently asked questions about Screenfeed's digital signage content, that connects to your social channels.

What can I do with my social app subscriptions?


- Display what you have posted to your own account


- Display your own tweets

- Display tweets you have liked

- Display others tweets

- Search for tweets by keyword or hashtag (*moderation must be set to "Require pre-approval")


- Display posts that your Page (not profile) makes (**Privacy settings on the Page must be set to entirely public. No country or age restrictions can be applied)

Can I ..... ?

Include posts from someone else's Instagram account?

- No

Search for posts by hashtag/keyword on Instagram?

- No

View posts that I've liked on other Instagram accounts?

- No

Display content that other users post to my Facebook Page?

- No

Display content from a Facebook Group Page?

- No

Call or email you for help?

- Absolutely!

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Contact us for help

Support available between 9:00am and 5:00pm (CST-06:00), Monday through Friday


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