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Community Center

See how community centers can use Connect to assist and inform visitors with wayfinding and event calendars.

This is an example of how to use Connect in a community center venue.

About This Community Center

For this example, the center is a resource available to the public to host rented meetings, events, banquets or participate in adult sports leagues.

It contains a few different conference and meeting rooms, a hardwood and sport court, gymnasium and locker rooms.

Project Summary

Digital signage is implemented throughout the lobby and in various meeting rooms directing people throughout the building. Screens also let visitors know about upcoming events and display contact information for easy event planning.


Community Center Wayfinding

veryday of the week events and sport league games are regularly held simultaneously. Simple wayfinding content in the lobby is helpful when multiple teams of people are trying to get to their games or practices.

Meeting rooms are scattered throughout the center placed amongst the two main gyms are split up between the front and back of the building If a visitor isn’t sure where to go, it’s important that they’re not wandering around and are able to find the right place easily.

With directions shown on screens, it’s a lot easier to navigate. Multiple events could be going on at the same time between the rented rooms, so screens serve a dual wayfinding purpose between events and sports games. 

It's no yellow brick road, but it sure is easy to follow!

Community Center Scheduled & Upcoming Events

All of the bookings for events and meeting rooms are already managed online, so displaying the event data on screens via Connect keeps the community center up-to-date with the most accurate information.

Visitors find additional assistance helpful when double-checking event details and looking for upcoming events they might be interested in joining.

A QR code is also displayed in the corner of event details so visitors can join classes, meetings or other events easily from their phones instead of having to search for the event on the community center web page. 

I'd scan a QR code instead of search a website for a specific page any day.

Basic community center information such as coordinator phone and email and facility hours are also displayed for easy access on the screens.

Displaying contact information makes employees easy to reach, leaving a positive lasting impression on visitors.

The Impact

Using screens to communicate wayfinding, contact information and event calendars makes the space accessible and enjoyable for everyone. It’s a low lift on the community center coordinator since the data used in Connect is already gathered and managed automatically.

Visitors of the community center will return to book gym, meeting and event rooms regularly, allowing the space to thrive.