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Add Some Tournament Madness To Your Digital Signage Content

Written by:
Lorna Campbell
Marketing Manager

The 2021 March Madness tournament begins today! Here's an easy set-up guide to making sure your digital signage content is ready.

March Madness provides a nice variety to your current digital signage playlist as the tournament progresses and new graphics are shown. It also appeals to a wide variety of audiences due to the tournament being so popular, so it will fit right in with nearly any venue.

If you’re setting up your feed after the tournament starts, you won’t have to worry about being late to the game. You can include March Madness in your playlist at any point of the tournament. Those who already subscribe to Sports Central are also in for a treat this year as we've updated March Madness graphics to include a fresh new look in the Minimalist Theme.

The sharp new look of the Minimalist theme on one of the March Madness graphics

‍Here’s how to make sure you don’t miss out on the madness:

1. Create A Screenfeed Account

Head on over to our Sports Central page and click "Buy Now". March Madness is a temporary option within Sports Central, which is why you shouldn’t be looking for March Madness directly within Screenfeed’s content choices. This will start the process to begin a month-by-month subscription.

When prompted to create an account, add a preferred card that the monthly subscription will be billed to. Then, head to the "Feeds" tab to create a Sports Central feed to add to a digital signage playlist.

2. Configure Your Sports Central Feed

Click the blue "Create A Feed" button. Then, select the preferred delivery method, select 16:9 for your screen shape (as March Madness is optimized for the 16:9 size), and be sure to select NCAA Basketball as the league. When selecting "Content You'd Like To Include", make sure to choose March Madness. Pick from the Original or Minimalist style theme, then grab the brand-new feed.

3. Schedule, And Enjoy!

March Madness graphics are already live, so enter your new feed in your preferred software as soon as it's created; then, voilà! Enjoy your new feed throughout the tournament. 

Fans will enjoy following along as the tournament progresses from seeded teams to the Sweet 16 bracket. This is a perfect way to entertain those invested in their brackets (even if they break the first week 😉) or anyone that likes to follow along for fun.

Sweet 16 View

Below are some of the key dates for the tournament and your new digital signage content addition:

March 10 — Tournament Preview Graphic Released: Configure Your Feeds!

March 15 — 64-Team Bracket Graphic Begins

March 21 — Full Bracket Graphic Switches to 16-Team View

April 5 — National Championship Game

April 7 — Tournament Graphics Turned Off Until 2022

There's lots more for your viewers to look forward to even after the tourney ends! Sports Central is ready to serve up eye-grabbing graphics from other fan-favorite sports all year round. Head back into your account and pick your favorite teams from local to worldwide and follow along throughout the rest of the year.