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10 Examples of Fresh Fall Digital Signage Content

Written by:
Lorna Campbell
Marketing Manager

New seasons are the perfect time to re-evaluate your digital signage content strategy! When it comes to keeping content fresh and relevant to audiences, there are two important factors.

The first is to have content that can refresh at least every day, but multiple times throughout the day is ideal. If audiences are passing by screens in the morning and evening and those screens are playing the same content, they will quickly become irrelevant and the value will be lost.

The second is to review your digital signage content playlist every 1-3 months to ensure content is relevant to audiences as the year progresses.

With autumn in full swing and winter/the holidays not far behind, Screenfeed offers a great selection (with a lot of new options via Screenfeed Connect) of digital signage content that offers both frequent refresh rates and relevancy to the current season.

1. NFL and Soccer Content

The NFL is the most popular sports league in the United States, and soccer dominates worldwide. Both seasons are happening now, play for months, and have new games happening multiple times a week. Combined, various leagues of both sports have billions of worldwide fans each season, so this is a no-brainer content choice to feature on your screens.

Sports content is always popular, but football and soccer are true winners

2. Seasonal Menu Board Content

Most restaurants and shops offer seasonal items, and a custom menu board is the perfect way to feature them. They work great to feature a list of services, too! Menu boards are built in Screenfeed Connect, which means you can display your own custom list of specials, items and services. Menu boards will update as often as every hour automatically, so you can set it and forget it.

Easily and automatically update daily specials, featured items, store hours and more

3. Custom Countdown Content

Between holidays, dinners, concerts, sales, gatherings, classes and more, there is a LOT to look forward to in the last few months of the year. If your venue is hosting a special event or sale soon, display a countdown! 

Countdown content is also built in Screenfeed Connect, making it completely customizable to show details, images and more of whatever you're counting down to. Once on your screen, the active countdown is sure to grab attention.

Add a sign-up link for some extra engagement

4. Custom Calendar Content

Who said calendars have to be boring?! Custom calendar content made in Connect will update events automatically. Put your own design touch into the calendar with eye-catching colors, fonts, images and logos to increase the visual appeal. Custom calendars work great not only for just about any venue to showcase upcoming events, sessions, appointments, person or room schedules, games and more.

5. Community Calendar Content

Community calendar is a great way to bring people who live in a certain area together for fall festivities. Sometimes events get missed when only posted online or in the paper.

Simply choose a zip code, radius of events, then pick from a list of art, career, dancing, games, health & wellness, music, parents and family, pets, religion and spirituality, science and education, sports and fitness, support and coaching, travel and more. After that simple configuration, your screens will update with the latest events going on in the community each day.

Community Calendar includes local online events and classes, too

6. Healthy Bites Content

Stay ahead of cold and flu season with Healthy Bites. A collection of total wellness, fitness, dental, and general health tips are available to automatically cycle through your playlist. Audiences will get nuggets of information to stay in tip top shape that updates throughout the day. Healthy Bites content is written by licensed professionals and always paired with a high-quality image.

Guaranteed content freshness with over 200 available healthy tips available

7. Local Traffic Conditions Content

As the weather changes and there's more traffic on the road, audiences will appreciate knowing what lies ahead and possible alternative routes. Pick from traffic forecast, traffic maps, traffic routes, and traffic top routes. Local Traffic Conditions updates every 15 minutes and automatically adjusts to KPH or MPH depending on location.

Traffic Top Route view shown with a dual view of local roads and routes

8-10. Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook Content

Give your social feeds some extra exposure and your screens some extra fresh content with social digital signage content. Social posts on screens are a phenomenal choice for any business or venue that has an active social media presence, but you can also showcase accounts you follow instead of your own feeds.

Moderation is available and there are lots of configuration options to give your feed a branded touch. Keep your eyes peeled, too: Screenfeed is working on some exciting upgrades and additions to social content in the near future!

Pictured left to right: Instagram feed, Twitter feed and Facebook feed

The last few months of the year always fly by, so don't miss the opportunity to delight audiences with seasonal content. For more inspiration, head over to the full collection of our digital signage content apps. Screenfeed offers over 100 licensed content options that will update at a consistent rate to keep your screens fresh all year.

If you're looking for something more custom, head to Screenfeed Connect where you can create HTML content powered by own data sources. Don't want to do the design work yourself? Send us a message and we can make a content plan for you.

Wishing you all a very happy and safe autumn and holiday season!

Header image by on Freepik