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Smart Filter your news feeds

Smart Filter your news feeds

Learn more about Screenfeed Smart Filters available for news feeds to remove words or phrases not favorable to your environment.

Our Smart Filter is available to all Screenfeed customers News based feeds at no additional cost. This feature allows you to have complete control to filter out competitors for customer facing networks or any words in which are related to your industry or the like which may not be favorable in your signage environment.

From your account dashboard, select the Keyword Filter.

Any news content in your account that contains the phrases you add will be removed automatically from all of your feeds.

Tip: the full exact phrase must be matched. Thus entering 'bloody murder' would not filter out a news story with only the word 'murder'. If you entered the word 'murder', the story would be filtered.

**Please note that changes (either additions or removals) may take up to a full hour to take effect.

Simply add the desired key words either separated by a comma or on a new line. Then click Add Phrases followed by Save Changes.

If you find that your filter is too restrictive, or you only need certain words/phrases filtered for a set duration/period you can also remove those words from the filter in order to allow them back into the feed. To do this, simply place your cursor over the word/phrase in question and click on it. Then click on Save Changes.

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