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Risevision Integration Overview

Risevision Integration Overview

Learn how to easily integrate your Screenfeed digital signage content with Risevision, easy-to-follow screenshots are included.

Below are the methods in which we have tested and recommend to get our content into your Risevision playlist loop.

- Media RSS


- Direct URL

For this walk through we will go over both Media RSS and HTML Delivery methods. Start by creating a New Presentation in which we will select Add Placeholder.  

Once selected you will be presented with multiple options to add in content, including images, video, text, and more. Select Widgets, at which time a pop up window will be presented.

From the Widget menu you will search for either RSS Widget or Web Page Widget depending on your feed delivery method (Media RSS or HTML).

If using the RSS Widget for your Media RSS feed, enter the feed URL into the widget then click remove validation. The Items to Show header represents how many items at any given time you want to have displayed. The majority of the time this should be set to 1. Max Items in Queue represents the number of total items in the feed in which you want to have cycled or rotated through in the widget.  If selecting the Web Page Widget skip further down.

Under the Data Selection simply have Show Image and Show Description Snippet selected.  

Alternatively if using the Web Page Widget with an HTML based feed, enter the feed URL and click Remove validation. Then set the Refresh Interval from the drop down appropriately.

Regardless of the delivery method and widget that you select, make sure to adjust the place holder as needed by sizing the placeholder to the correct zone/aspect ratio size, as well as overall positioning.

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