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Photos in Connect

Photos in Connect

Details on how to use the photos widget, and methods for adding photos in connect.

There are several ways to add photos to your connect app. Consider the following before choosing a method:

  • Do you have a photo file you want to upload?
  • Do you have any photo hosting services?
  • Do you need your app to update photos automatically?

Method 1: Choose from the library

Select the Photos widget from the left menu. Type into the search box to browse through a large variety of royalty free photos from pixabay. Keep in mind that the term you use to search will give you the best results. For example a search for “Cereal” will have different results than “ Cereal bowl”. Once you have found the right photo, click and drag the photo into position on your app. 

Method 2: Direct Upload

Select the Photos widget from the left menu and click on the Upload Photo Button at the top. A window will appear where you can choose your photo source. 

My Device will upload a photo from your computer file system. 

Camera will take a picture using the camera on the device you are using to edit the app. (You will have to allow access to the camera on first use)

Link will present a field for you to enter a link where your photo is available online.

After you have chosen to upload a photo, you will be directed to the upload manager screen. You can choose to upload the photo. Click on add more in the top right corner to add more photos from the same or a different source. If you add more you will return to the upload manager, where you can choose to upload the selection of photos. 

Once you click upload the photo or photos will be placed in the canvas.

Method 3: Photo Links in a connected Spreadsheet

Photos can be added to a repeater or slide widget from a connected data source. The advantage of this method is that photos can be replaced by changing the link in the data source. This method requires a hosted data source such as a google sheet, csv or xml url filled with links to hosted photos. 

Placing a photo in a shape

You can use a shape as a frame for your photos. Add a shape to the app Builder canvas. Then drag a photo into a shape and it will fill the shape.

 Images can be removed from shapes by selecting the shape and clicking on remove image from the widget settings menu on the right. 

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