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Options to moderate your infotainment feeds

Options to moderate your infotainment feeds

Learn the moderation options available for Screenfeed digital signage infotainment content, and how to edit your moderations at any time.

We realize and understand that you may need or want to moderate your feeds before placing the content on screen. For this reason we offer a couple methods to do so. While the moderation will vary slightly from a handful of products in which it's available, in this example we will cover our Friendly News-in-Pictures.

There are two options with regards to Moderation that Screenfeed offers:

1. The first being that you can set the feed to 'allow removal'. This method allows all items in the feeds to be sent to your player(s), while allowing you the option to remove an item if you so desire. For example, a user makes a complaint about a news story, you can log into your Screenfeed account, select the appropriate feed, and remove the item in question.  Then the next time in which your software connects to the feed, the item will be removed.  

2. The second option is that you can set the feed to 'require pre-approval'. This method is much more restrictive in that all items in the feed are queued up before being allowed into the actual feed. Meaning, a user (yourself) would need to log into the feed daily or even multiple times per day to approve and allow items to enter the feed.  

Next to your respective feed, click on the Moderate button.

You will then be presented with the previously mentioned two moderation options available.

No Moderation - Content items will be included in the feed without you moderating them.

Require Approval - No content will be delivered into the feed until it has been reviewed and approved by you. Note: With this option your feed will not update until you return to approve more content. Additionally, content will not expire after Screenfeed's suggested expiration date, they will remain in the feed until you remove them.

Remove as needed - You will be able to login to this page to remove stories from a feed that already exist in the feed.

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