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How to reset your password

How to reset your password

Learn how to reset your Screenfeed account password if you forget or need to set a new one for any reason.

There are two ways in which you can reset your password. The first being, if you know your current password and simply want to change it. The second, you forgot it completely. In the first scenario, once logged into your account navigate to your Profile.

Once you click on your Profile you will be presented with a section of your account which includes Sign In Credentials. From here you can enter your current password and the preferred new password.  

If you fall into the second scenario in which case you have forgotten your password entirely. Follow these steps to reset it. Simply look for the Account link on any the pages within

After clicking the Account page, you should be presented to the main login page. At which time if you look just below you will see a Forgot Password option.

From there, enter the email address associated with your account and click Reset Password. The email will be sent from and should arrive within a moment or two.

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