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How to create an infotainment feed

How to create an infotainment feed

Learn the basics of setting up a Screenfeed digital signage infotainment content feed. Easy-to-follow images are included to learn about easy configuration of a feed.

Here is a basic overview on how to go about creating and setting up a feed. Please keep in mind, that some content subscriptions may differ slightly in that there may be more potential variables in which you can control via the feed configuration. However here we will demonstrate the typical setup. link test

From your main account page you should see a Feeds section which will list all your infotainment apps and associated feeds.

Once clicked, you will then be brought to the feed section which will list all of your subscribed apps. From here you can select the app, then create a new feed.

We are now on our way to configuring the feed. From here there will be several steps in which we need to complete. Firstly select the delivery method that is compatible with your software. Next select the size and aspect ratio desired for the content.  Lastly, name your feed and then click Create Feed.

Once complete you will then see a confirmation that the new feed has been created. The feed URL will be displayed, select and copy to use in your software.

You can still access the feed URL, from the feed list, by clicking on the Copy URL button. This will copy the feed URL to your computer's clipboard.

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