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How to cancel a subscription

How to cancel a subscription

Learn how to cancel your Screenfeed digital signage content subscription at any time, and how to easily re-activate if you change your mind.

To cancel a subscription entirely, please follow the steps outlined below. From your main account dashboard click on your Subscriptions.

Once you are under your active subscriptions page, you will then see all listed subscriptions. You will then see an option just below each subscription which says Cancel Subscription.  

Once you click Cancel Subscription, you should see a pop up window. From there select the appropriate reason(s) for cancelling (select multiple if need be). Once you selected the appropriate reason(s) and entered brief feedback, click on the Confirm Cancellation button.  

Once submitted it may take a second or two to complete the process. Once complete you will then receive a Success message as well as see said subscription at the bottom of the page listed under your Inactive Subscriptions.  

If you would like to re-activate any subscriptions in this list, simply click on the re-activate link and follow the prompts.

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