Using Connect
Getting Started with Connect

Getting Started with Connect

Get started with the connect interface.

Getting Started with Connect

Why Connect?

Connect is a workflow tool for presenting your data-connected designs dynamically in your digital signage software.. Keeping your screens fresh and up to date is as easy as changing the data where it lives, such as adding an event to your calendar or updating a spreadsheet.

Using Connect

Make your own Connect app in a few easy steps. 

Before you get started with Connect you will need to have a subscription. If you don’t have a subscription license and would like to try connect please follow this link to add Connect preview to your account. Connect Preview

Sign into Connect by navigating in a web browser to on a computer.

Connect is divided into three easy to use sections, My Apps, Templates, and Connections. 

My Apps shows any apps you have created in the main body of the window. They can be sorted by last modified, creation date, or alphabetical order. You also can search and toggle the view between list and thumbnail view. You can create a new app by clicking the create app button. 

Templates shows not only pre-built templates provided by screenfeed, but also any template that you create. You can search, edit, manage or choose to create a new app from any of the templates shown on this page. 

Connections show data either from external sources or manually created that have been connected to an App or Connect. You can edit the properties of the connection, add a data filter, see apps in use, manage or choose to create a new connection from this page. Data sources that can be connected to an app are; Microsoft Excel Workbooks, Google Sheets, iCal Calendars, Microsoft Calendars, Google Calendars, XML or JSON URL. Connect to additional data sources using our REST API or Zapier. You can also create a manual table directly in Connect, upload your data file or paste data from your clipboard.

Next Steps

Try Creating an App from Scratch

Not sure how to start? Get inspired Using pre-built Templates

Learn more about Connecting your Data

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