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Creating Google Calendar Connections

Creating Google Calendar Connections

Step by step walkthrough of connecting to google calendars.

Creating Google Calendar Connections

Google calendar can connect to calendar and repeater widgets inside your Connect app.

Click widgets on the left hand panel and add in a calendar widget or a repeating grid. 

Select the widget on the app builder canvas then click on Connect to Data Source in the right hand properties panel. 

Next click on Google Calendar under the Create a Connection heading. 

Either choose your account or click Add Account 

If you haven’t authorized Connect with your Google account you will have to sign in with your Google account credentials and accept authorization before continuing. 

Choose the calendar you want to use then click continue.

Validate the data is correct then click continue.

Set the synchronization frequency then name your connection and select if you want to share the connection with other apps. 

Name the data connection then click continue.

Now you are ready to use your Google Calendar connection in your Connect App. Click close to return to App Builder.

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