Using Connect
Creating a Zapier Connection

Creating a Zapier Connection

Connect to Zapier to leverage many more possible data connections.

Using Zapier with Connect

Zapier is an automation workflow software that works to integrate a multitude of applications using automation workflows called Zaps. You can use Zapier to connect a data source that requires login credentials with Connect. In the example below I will be connecting Connect with a Google Sheet but you could use a different data source such as OneDrive, Dropbox, Slack or many more apps that have Zapier connections available. 

Start in Connect

Log in to Connect and choose connections then click Zapier Connection

Click Add a Column to add in the correct number of columns to match the data you are connecting with Zapier. Match your incoming data type by changing the dropdown under column type then click Continue.

Name your Zapier Connection something unique as you will need to search for it when creating your Zap.

Log into Zapier

Create a Zap by clicking on the + button or selecting zaps on the left then choosing create zap.

Zaps are made of at least three elements. A trigger, an Action and an App.

Create a trigger for when your Zap should start. Triggers can be set on a Schedule or using an App event. Search for Google Sheets, then select Google Sheets

Choose New Spreadsheet Row for the Trigger Event.  This will start the Zap whenever there is a new row in my google sheet.

Click Continue to go to the next step in your Zap creation process.

Zapier uses your user account for whatever service you are using, in order to read your data.

 In my example it asks me to Sign into Google Sheets. 

Zapier will request access to your Google Sheets/ Drive. Select Allow to continue. Then click Continue to go to the next step in the zap creation process.

Complete the connection to google sheets by selecting the spreadsheet and worksheet you would like to trigger the zap from. 

Click Continue then test your Trigger by clicking on the Test your Trigger button. You should see the last row in the sheet you selected. 

On the Create an Action page. Search for Screenfeed, then select Screenfeed Connect

When selected it should look like the image below. 

Sign into Connect using your Screenfeed login credentials. 

Once logged in you will see your email listed under Screenfeed Connect account

Under select Data Connection, choose the Manual table you created. 

For each Column select what data should appear when a new row is created. 

Click Test & Review or Test & Continue to verify your zap works as intended. Then click Turn on Zap

Once your Zap is enabled for the first time you will be given the option to Transfer Existing Data. This will add new rows for each row in the connected google sheet. If you only want to add new rows going forward, choose Go to My Zaps instead.

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