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Creating a REST API Connection

Creating a REST API Connection

A step by step walkthrough of creating a data connection using the Connect REST API.

Connecting Using Rest API

Connections can be created using our REST API to extend data connections beyond traditional file and calendar hosts. 

When creating a connection to a data source select the widget then click Connect to Data Source under the data header in the right hand properties panel. 

Next click on REST API under the Create a Connection heading.

The data source should provide an API URL to enter into the URL field. Copy from the source and paste the URL into the field. 

Set the correct request method based on the source documentation. Request methods available are GET and POST. POST requests require information to be added to the body section.

Depending on the data source Authorization may be required through a header. Under Headers add in the key information and the token information under value then click Add. 

Queries to the data source can be either appended to the end of the data url or added into the URL query parameters fields. Multiple queries can be added.

Once the request information is set click Import Data. 

In the node picker select the collection for your data connection.

Adjust the data Columns for name, data type and use the preview to validate your data connection is correct then click the continue button. 

Set your synchronization frequency

Then name your connection and select if you want it shared with other apps. 

Once the Connection has been made click Close. 

Now your widget is Connected to your data source using a REST API connection.

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