Using Connect
Single Data Point

Connecting apps to a single data value connection

Creating a data connection to a single record for color, opacity, date and numerical values.

Data driven properties

Some component properties in a Connect app have the ability to connect to a single data value.

Each property is meant to connect to a specific data format. Check to make sure that the data source is using the correct format for the data. At the moment the three connection formats are. 


A number that can include decimals.

HML Color in HEX Format.

A six character format preceded by a # used to define RBG colors.


A format consisting of the full date and time, requires timezone offset.

Making a Connection

Select a component or widget on the app canvas. From the right hand properties panel. Click on the lightning bolt, next to the property you want to connect. 

Using an existing Connection

Click on the name of an existing connection to choose an existing connection. This can include connections that are more than a single value. 

Select the single data value you want to connect to your widget. Notice that only the correct format can be selected. Click Save Selection to complete the connection.

Creating a new Connection

Create a new connection by clicking on the source for your data, Google Sheets or URL connection. In either case paste in the URL of the data source then click Import.

If the connection is a Google Sheet with multiple sheets choose the sheet you want to use.

Select the single data value you want to connect to your widget. Notice that only the correct format can be selected.

Choose the frequency you want to synchronize with the source, then click Continue. 

Name the connection then click continue to complete the connection. 

Inside a Slide or Repeating Grid

Widgets such as progress bar, progress circle, countdown/up and datetime when used inside a repeating grid or slide can show properties from a data record corresponding to each slide or grid cell. 

Here is a repeater with a data connection to a leaderboard. In this example a progress circle has been added. Clicking on the lightning bolt next to Current, connect shows only options from the repeating grid connected data.

Once an option is selected from the drop down each cell will show the corresponding records information indicated in red on the progress circle.

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