With a changeability of design to rival the weather's, the colors of each graphic modulate based on the current conditions. Want to match your brand, or screen? Pick your own color! You can even set a transparent background, and later overlay it with a background photo of your choosing. Our custom-illustrated icons animate beautifully with HTML delivery.
Global coverage
Local forecasts by zip code, city, latitude and longitude, or airport code, anywhere in the world

15 languages available

English, Spanish, French, Portuguese, German, Dutch, Chinese (Simplified, and Traditional), Finnish, Slovak, Arabic, Russian, Czech, Croatian, Japanese, and Italian
1 min
Recommended Loop Fill

Delivery options

Animated HTML, Media RSS and Direct URL.

Size formats

Available in 1:1 square, 4:3, 19:9 footer, 9:16 for portrait and sidebars, and 16:9 in HD or 4K resolution. All shapes can be customized to fit alternate-sized zones as well.

Refresh rate

Current conditions: Every 15 min
Forecasts: Every 3 hrs
Customizable Colors