Content Strategy

Harness Viral Moments For Your Digital Signage Playlist

Written by:
Lorna Campbell
Marketing Manager

What makes content viral?

What makes content viral? People have been trying to crack the code of what makes a video gain massive amounts of attention on our favorite social platforms. No two videos are quite alike. However, there are some constants that lead to hundreds or millions of shares. The one commonality between all viral videos: everyone wants to see them.

Twitter, Instagram, TikTok, ohmy! Trends move fast and get popular in hours

The secret sauce

The secret sauce that has been revealed so far explains that emotion of various sorts is the driver behind viral videos. A degree of unexpectedness is necessary to go viral, such as a dog walking on its hind legs or a baby breaking out some impressive dance moves for its age, evoking surprise from audiences. Anticipation or excitement is another factor that plays into a large number of shares, such as an athlete participating in an extreme sport or someone on the receiving end of a jump scare (rude, right?! But we all love to see it.) Uplifting stories also provide warm fuzzies to audiences, making stories or experiences a popular feature of viral moments.

Emotion is key

Now, where do we loop digital signage into this conversation?

A playlist Strategy 101 rule is to curate an array of content that people are interested in, one way or the other. Weather, news, traffic are always popular starters because people care about commuting information, whether or not it’s going to rain, or the latest headlines from their favorite news sources. Another hot choice is your own social media channels, increasing views across platforms and brand awareness. Social media is low-hanging fruit when it comes to garnering attention in general, too. I know Twitter, Facebook, TikTok, Instagram or YouTube never fail to grab a few (okay, maybe more than a few…) minutes of my day!

Viral videos also rack up a worldwide audience and create a fear-of-missing-out effect to those that haven't seen it yet, taking the content game to a new level. Trends on the internet come and go quickly, and it’s fun to be in the loop when everyone is talking about them. That factor also provides an easy win in the refresh department because there will always be new moments to catch, meaning it will take a lot longer for a playlist to go stale.

This stacked appeal means it would be a lost opportunity to not have a social media option in your playlist. Social media being an attention magnet isn't new Screenfeed; social products are some of our most popular choices. This is why it was important to create this completely unique product, not only to Screenfeed but to the social content space as a whole.

If you’re interested in adding this type of content to your digital signage playlist, Bright Spots is a brand-new product from Screenfeed that delivers on every important aspect of social media content. Created by the Screenfeed team, Bright Spots shows popular video moments that are sure to captivate audiences and win some smiles. 60-second spots are refreshed weekly and carefully captioned by our creative writers to guarantee a positive content experience.

Having an attractive playlist addition like Bright Spots will also boost the other content in a network operator’s perfectly curated playlist with other important ads or information. It won’t be missed since audiences will stick around longer. Dwell time will be maximized (which is the amount of time someone spends in front of your screen) by delighting viewers in addition to informing them. 

Bright Spots, high quality.

High-quality content is what Screenfeed takes pride in providing, and Bright Spots is no exception. It’s important that content captivates in a playlist that bring genuine value to anyone in the digital signage content game. After exerting the effort required to build a network that’s ready for content, it’s worthwhile to display content that delivers on the same scale. If done properly, the result will be a reliable network with content that continues to perform and serve audiences (and your ROI) well for years into the future. 

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to enhance your playlist with Bright Spots: