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Social Trends in Digital Signage Content

Written by:
Lorna Campbell
Marketing Manager

If you're anything like me, it's part of your daily routine to visit Google to look something up or Twitter to catch up on the latest news, trends and overall buzz. All of the conversations and searches occuring daily on Google and Twitter create trending topics on both platforms, which is why Screenfeed created Google Trends and Twitter Trends as digital signage content.

Showing what's on the collective minds of the world is a brand new content option that will engage audiences with your screens and help keep them up with trends that they're helping create.

Watch overview of Google and Twitter trends (1:33)

Trends are one of the quickest ways to stay on top of the topics everyone is talking about. It's reported that 71% of Twitter users use the platform to get their news. Google also displays trending topics daily, with the top trends usually garnering over one million searches each! Of course this isn't surprising when 5.6 billion searches occur on Google every day.

Trending topics aren't just for news, they can also be funny and entertaining or informative and helpful. We curate our digital signage content playlist to impact audiences in the same way: to entertain, inform and delight. This is why it makes sense for Google and Twitter trends to have a home on your screens.

Achieving Network ROO with Trending Topics

There's some common industry knowledge when it comes to digital signage content. For example, we know that some content is most suitable for certain audiences (example: health tips in a clinic or gym space), and some content serves general audiences well (such as weather or news content virtually anywhere). Other factors important to planning your content strategy would be audience demographics (age, location, etc.) and if viewers will be passing by or waiting in front of your screens.

Here are some other factors to consider, and how Google and Twitter Trends will complement them in your content strategy:

Broad Audience Appeal

There is content available for many different audience types and needs. As you look for content that is relevant to a larger variety of people, the choices begin to narrow a bit. This is why Google and Twitter Trends will be a great addition to nearly any playlist. A huge group of people from many different demographics are creating trends on Google and Twitter together, so those same trends will also be appealing to a large audience when noticed on your screens.

Locally Relevant

Location options for content choices can be limited when it comes to setting which country the content comes from, making it difficult for areas that want country-specific information showing up on their screens. Google and Twitter Trends are some of the most location-inclusive content options with 46 country options to choose to get trends from.

Dwell Time Friendly

Google and Twitter Trends double up on flexibility as they're great for both on-the-go audiences who may glance at screens in transit and for waiting audiences with a refresh rate of up to 50 new trends every 30 minutes.

A Playlist Pick-Me-Up

You may also already have an established playlist or are looking to get a playlist started with one or two content choices—Google or Twitter Trends will complement your digital signage content strategy either way. When creating your playlist we all know it's important to tailor your playlist to your audience, which means having a satisfactory loop fill and refresh rate. Is your content refreshing quickly enough and is there enough content to entertain and inform?

Google or Twitter Trends fits into your digital signage content playlist as a full-screen display for a new pop of content, or as a sidebar or footer to enhance your current setup. You can also customize your new content with animated transitions, font options, colors and elements displayed to fit your look and feel. Combine customization with a quick refresh rate and you've got a visually appealing and informative playlist boost.

Try Google or Twitter Trends today

Get access to a 15-day free trial by clicking one (or both!) of the buttons below. We think you'll love the customization and flexibility available to truly make Google or Twitter Trends your own, and your audience will love the dynamic display of the trending topics they care most about.


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