Content Strategy

The Long-Term Advantage of A Short Term Event in Digital Signage

Written by:
Lorna Campbell
Marketing Manager

Just as evergreen digital signage content plays a key role in network strategy, short-term event content serves an important purpose, too. Although it may be fleeting, it’s also action-packed and audiences pay close attention for the few days or weeks it exists in a playlist.

In content strategy it’s important to first display content that audiences will continue to engage with over time. This will reinforce the idea that screens provide helpful, informational or entertaining content that audiences want to return to. They’ll come to associate digital signage content as a source of day-to-day updates frequently relied on. 

While building that relationship between audiences and your digital signage network, also include content that audiences don’t want to miss out on such as news headlines, events or other pieces of content that exist only for a limited time. The desire to feel in the loop on local reports, sports scores or other momentary information will bring audiences back to screens, creating an overall healthy content mix.

Sports Are The Superior Seasonal Choice

When choosing content that’s only offered for a limited time, some of the most appealing choices are sports- or sporting-event related. General sports news or updates are a popular choice even as year-round content; displaying team standings or score updates, or more general news updates about the team, players or owners. 

This consistent wide range of interest and focus on sports is why events like the college spring basketball tournament are so popular every year. This also applies to the largest sporting event we only get to see every four years: the summer games. Adding events to a digital signage playlist like the Tokyo summer games packs a layered punch of sports popularity plus the excitement of a limited event all in one into one content strategy.

Hot Now: 2020 Summer Games

The summer games will pick up additional audience attentiveness because of the one-year delay, lingering COVID concerns and five new sports to be added to the mix. News outlets are flocking to stories about how Japan is going about hosting the games, how athletes are doing in the trials and more, and Screenfeed is offering all of it as a specific summer games bundle as digital signage content.

Summer Games Bundle displays medal count and news about the games.

The five new sports that have been included in the games this year are creating a lot of conversation before anyone has even competed. The new sports include baseball/softball, karate, skateboarding, sport climbing and surfing. COVID is also something that audiences and those in charge of the games are watching closely as competition starts. 

With millions of views zeroed in on world-class athletes, network operators would be missing out on including news and medal count updates to take advantage of this attention while the games take place over the next few weeks. The Summer Games Bundle is available now until August 13th through Screenfeed. After the games conclude, they can seamlessly shift to other Screenfeed sports content to keep audiences engaged with screens, perfectly completing a digital signage content strategy that delights in the short- and long-term.

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