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Screenfeed 2019 Digital Signage Content Wrap

Written by:
Pete Erickson
VP of Creative

It was quite a year here at Screenfeed—product launches, content creation and innovation, and a major milestone for our CEO and Founder. If you've ever wondered about the faces (and voices) behind the Screenfeed family, this is your chance. (Pssst—Now's a great time to subscribe to the blog to stay in the loop during 2020) Thank you 2019, and welcome 2020!

2019 Screenfeed Highlights

  • Two of our beloved content editorial team members, Kelly and Alisa, celebrated their 19th and 6th company anniversaries, respectively in January. That's some serious editorial experience!
  • In February, our Associate Creative Director Alyssa and Jesse, our Sr. Front-End developer designed and built a brand new interface for customers to interact with our content at trade shows like DSE. (See more of Alyssa giving some helpful tips for content color strategy here!)
  • Also in February, our VP of Business Development, Steve kicked off our epic blog series diving in to 13 Key Factors for Digital Signage Software (we still have plenty yet to cover—stay tuned!)
  • We embarked on our 11th(!) trip to Las Vegas for the Digital Signage Expo at the end of March—by far the biggest industry event we plan for each year. There's just no better place to connect with customers, explore emerging trends and technologies, and get instant feedback on our product. It's also a special opportunity to bond as a team, usually over a tasty dinner on the Strip.
  • Alyssa took a turn on the speaking circuit on the floor of the Content Show, passing on her years of design wisdom to a capacity crowd. She did great!
  • With April showers came the maiden voyage of our internal testing lab, a devoted array of players, screens and software for use in testing new digital signage content build-outs. In the past, testing had been a bit more ad hoc, so creating a devoted space for this critical component to our product development was a big deal.
  • Also, developer and creative team member, Jeff swam with whale sharks in Belize!
  • May was a busy month! We launched TWO new products: Friendly News in Pictures, and our collaboration with NCMEC. Check 'em out!
  • Later that summer in July, we launched another product of sorts - Content Pass, our new 'all-you-can-eat' bundling option that turns customers loose to pick from a wide variety of some of our most popular products for a single, low price.
  • August was all about the Coach. If you didn't catch our content tips with Screenfeed's resident whistle-blowing, stache-sporting, content curmudgeon, you might just learn something by giving him a few minutes of your undivided attention.

  • In September, we took a big leap in generating more comprehensive documentation about our products and processes—we created a Screenfeed Wiki thanks to the joint efforts of one of our back end developers (Reece) and Mindy from our customer support team!
  • There are a lot of Halloween fans on the team, including Alyssa (see below) who whipped up a really creative mashup of Halloween costumes + digital signage content. It's a must-see if you missed it! Also, our fearless and burly CTO Quentin reached his 7th year at the helm of our back-end team.
Is this thing on?
  • In early November, our CEO and Head Content Chef Jeremy, crossed the 20-year(!) mark as a business owner. (Did you know Screenfeed was born out of a web services company he started shortly after college?) Anyhow, our team thought it would be fun to celebrate the milestone by sharing photos of ourselves from 20 years ago, which we turned into some fun digital signage content...let's just say us more 'senior' members of the team felt slightly old as photos of elementary-aged whipper-snappers graced the screens.
So much youth. So many well-intentioned hair choices.
  • December wound down with some notable accomplishments to close out the year, as the team of sticklers (the Editorial Team) behind our flagship product News in Pictures, finished the year improving their quality score by over 30% (and it was already pretty darn high to begin with). We also checked off major milestones in getting our new Alerts product ready for launch in time for everyone to enjoy some well-earned rest time over the holidays with their families.

All in all, we have a LOT to be thankful for looking back on 2019. With 2020 already a few weeks deep at the time of this post, we're already feeling optimistic about all that's in the works, AND we're collectively stoked about new ways we can help our customers solve their digital signage content problems as they pop up!

That said, we're here and ready to serve you. Subscribe below to stay in the loop as we roll into 2020!