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Screenfeed Connect: Welcome to the Digital Signage Content world

Written by:
Lorna Campbell
Business Development Director

It’s here! Screenfeed Connect, from the Screenfeed family: Six pounds, seven ounces, 19 inches… just kidding. But really, Connect has been our baby for the last two years or so now, and we’re so excited to introduce it to the digital signage content world.

The real announcement is that we’ve launched a new way to tackle data-driven content projects that don’t require an entire team or weeks of time.

What Makes Custom HTML Content So Tricky?

Traditionally, custom HTML content powered by your own data has been great in theory, but difficult in practice. You’d be hard pressed to find any one person able to build dynamic content from scratch, make the design easy on the eyes, build data integration into the content, and, finally, keep it fresh at a consistent rate. Managing projects like these represents a big project or saying 'no' for those that don't have the team, resources or bandwidth.

That’s why we built Connect: to come in and take care of the developing, designing, and data connecting needed to allow dynamic messaging to be displayed on screens. The only steps of content app creation you have to think about are choosing a template, uploading a data source, and getting a URL to schedule right into your software, all from Connect.

Designing With Data

Data integration into content apps means it’s now possible to display teams, progress towards goals, leaderboards, dynamic pricing, menu changes on menu boards, wayfinding with directories, and any other important moments or promotions for your business via digital signage content. Easily integrate with favorites you already know and use now: Google sheets and calendar, Excel, Zapier, JSON, and XML data (plus more on the way later!) all work in Connect.

Design with your own data from any of your favorite sources in Connect.

Our team has done the heavy lifting so you’re empowered to get the most value from your network with the least amount of effort required.

Connect, and Beyond!

This is just the beginning too! As time goes on, Connect will be built out even further: in fact, we’re already geared for another round of Connect enhancements with more templates, data integrations, and features, right after launch and beyond. We can’t wait for you to try it out.

With this launch, it’s a joy to see the efforts of the Screenfeed team come to life. Our development team made Connect both powerful and user-friendly. Our creative team built resources to learn Connect and get to know our new brand. From day one it’s been our mission to make the lives of our customers easier when it comes to content - and this is the next step in that direction.

Try It For Free

Connect is free for a limited time this year, so don’t miss the opportunity to build your first apps, hassle-free: I want to learn more!

By the way, for anyone wondering: infotainment content isn’t going anywhere! It will still be available alongside all of the Connect apps.