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Powerful Digital Signage Playlists with Core Content

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1. Footers, Sidebars and Widgets

Screenfeed has always felt that full-screen content is best from a design perspective. That said, design and network objectives don’t always align and business needs to take priority over design preferences.

With our most recent products, we’re making them more flexible than ever before. In your software (most software) you can set your zone sizes by pixel count. Wouldn’t it be great if someone created feeds that respond to whatever size pixel zone you happened to choose? We thought so.


2. Tasteful Animation

Think of a traditional print sign as a still canvas–a silent ninja. Not good. Alternatively, with a digital screen, you could go so far as to build a dance club strobe light heart attack experience for your audience. Please, no. We like the middle of the road approach and think your audience will as well.

With our newest Weather, Financial and News products we have brought tasteful animation into the intros and supportive design elements to catch the attention of your audience’s eyeballs and keep them engaged.

Animation is supported in our HTML delivery method.

3. Color Customization

If you’re like us, design matters. It’s great to make sure a specific item in our playlist is high quality, but what we’re really aiming for is a flow from one segment to another that is all... intentional and on-brand. A consistent high-quality and matching look-and-feel throughout the entire playlist creates a more professional and polished experience for your audience that leaves a lasting and improved impression of your brand.

With our updated Feed Configuration options, users can now select options such as:

  • Transparent, colored or gradient backgrounds with hex color options
  • Showing and hiding specific elements
  • Changing fonts and font colors by hex code
  • Primary and secondary hex color options

See these features in action in our tutorial for our new Feed Configuration options.

4. Layer Transparency

Creating a completely customized look is easier than ever by setting a transparent background to our feeds. Simply set up a layer within your software for our feed and add another background layer behind it.

Other software may allow you to customize like this, but many of our software partners choose to use Screenfeed’s weather because it looks better, has nice animation and they find it way easier than using their own software to set it up.


If you made it through this entire post, we want to reward you with a free trial to test out any of these new features. No obligation to buy. Please play around and have some fun!