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The Power of Positive Digital Signage Content

Written by:
Lorna Campbell
Marketing Manager

Do you ever catch yourself feeling down and wonder what got you in that mood? It happens to the best of us. In the world we live in today, chances are that you’re not a Negative Nelly but rather you’ve accidentally had more than your fill of media in some form that ended up impacting your mood.

We all encounter this feeling at one time or another—getting an improper balance of too much negative news which doesn’t leave us with “warm fuzzies”. As we take in one too many of these news stories, it's easy to end up feeling like April Ludgate from Parks and Rec:

I'm right there with ya, April.

This makes it extremely important to consider your digital signage content strategy and how you’re using screens responsibly and not contributing to the negative media barrage on your audience.

Personally, I love to see a mix of digital signage content that keeps audiences informed and up-to-date while also providing a dose of positive content to make audiences smile. The positive content in your playlist will go far beyond a simple mood-boost for your audiences.

Positive Power of Good News

Here’s where positive content can really make a difference to your audience. Adding strategically positive content (such as Good News from Screenfeed) gives viewers mental break from their day-to-day stressors.

In a 2018 article from "The Doctor Weighs In", Justin Osbourne writes “News consumption affects our bodies as well as our minds. It's beneficial to keep taking doses of positive news on a regular basis.” He elaborates that not getting enough positive news can release the hormone cortisol and create undesired consequences such as anxiety, headaches or trouble sleeping.

"News consumption affects our bodies as well as our minds. It's beneficial to keep taking doses of positive news on a regular basis."

When the effects of negative media can be so detrimental, you can start to see what an uplifting opportunity you have to make a positive impact via your digital signage content.

The exciting result of good news on your screens is your audience will leave in a happier state of mind after viewing your content. That happiness will also create a stronger relationship between your audience and your brand, which will in turn improve upon your return on objective and return on investment!

Want Good News For Yourself?

If you're ready to add some positive content to your playlists, Good News from Screenfeed is a perfect place to start. Screenfeed has been offering positive & friendly content for years, and it’s some of our customers’ favorite content to date.

Good News was recently launched and is our first good news video product of ten 60-second stories every week curated and crafted by our editorial team. Stories are also captioned so they work in environments with or without sound. Each week’s stories feature people doing nice things for others, taking on impressive feats, celebrity news and some cute animal stories. Check out some examples here!

This feel—good flash mob in Times Square is a story that will leave you feeling happy

Obviously if you have an established digital signage content strategy, you’re off to a great start. By adding positive content in your playlist you’ll have the power to create a positive association between your audience and brand, and create a moment of delight for their day.

April high five_gif.out.20200929-191002
Now we’re all feeling a little happier. 😊

Want to give Good News a go? Try it now, free for 15 days.