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App Spotlight: Mall Event Countdown Clock

Written by:
Lorna Campbell
Business Development Director

Welcome to another series of the Screenfeed blog: App Spotlight! As the number of Connect users grows, so does the number of apps created. The Screenfeed team has helped people get started on the right foot with templates, but some of the apps created have gone beyond following a template and been taken to the next level.

Our first app spotlight is a countdown clock created in Screenfeed Connect and displayed in Skyview Mall in the heart of New York City. This August, Skyview hosted an End of Summer Bash of carnival games, face painting, balloons, photo booths, live performances and more.

For this event, their Connect app featured a countdown clock set to end at the date and time of the event. Check it out here:

The construction of this app was especially simple because Skyview already had creative assets in mind for the event. Since widgets like the countdown clock can be added to any custom design or template, it was easy to build the app to match event branding. Skyview also utilizes Screenfeed content design services, which allows them to send key details and design assets, then we take care of the rest.

The app was created in about two and a half hours and didn’t sacrifice any functionality or design elements. The alternative would have been spending time finding a clock online that might (or might not) match the event brand.

This countdown clock app matched the other content piece featuring additional event details, making for an eye-catching and cohesive playlist rotation. 

The Summer Bash sister piece to the countdown clock

Skyview’s screens, especially their Jumbotron at the front entrance, increase awareness of and participation in events. Adding Connect’s countdown clock to the mix multiplies that awareness, anticipation and overall engagement from mall tenants.

Countdowns work well for events like these as well as promotions, announcements, sales, arrivals, departures, or anything with a set date that should be showcased. You can do a count up of days as well to celebrate things like an employee’s time working a job, number of days without a safety issue, and more.

Countdown clocks aren’t the only data widgets available in Connect, either. You can add a number of data widgets to apps like calendars, progress bars, graphs, and countdown clocks. These pre-built widgets are fully coded and ready to be dropped right onto your design and adjusted to your liking. Each widget can be connected to data sources like Google Sheets, Excel, Google Calendar, iCal, XML others. Try your hand at making your own design with a countdown app in Connect: Start Designing

Connect is free through October 1, 2022, so be sure to sign up now and take advantage of the last free month. Have you created an app already? In that case, we would love to hear from you. Email your feedback (good, bad or otherwise are welcome) today!