Content Strategy

When (And How) To Refresh Your Digital Signage Content Strategy

Written by:
Lorna Campbell
Marketing Manager

Before we get started, download the full Digital Signage Content Strategy Guide! It’ll be referenced throughout this post.

There are many resources available for getting started with a digital signage content strategy. However, most don’t go on to describe the maintenance required, such as how often to revisit and what to consider when doing so. 

While the following will be an overview of the most important steps in a content strategy refresh, you’ll find more detailed information in the guide.

Here are four factors to consider when freshening up an established digital signage content strategy and when each should be evaluated.

Playlist Planning (Quarterly)

Some factors of playlist planning shouldn’t vary drastically throughout the year, such as effective frequency, or the number of times a person has to see a message to retain it.

However, factors that are worth revisiting a couple of times a year are playlist length, dwell time and audience return rate (ARR). Seasonal factors can have an impact, such as: if school is in session or not, if a business office has summer hours, or if a large event is occurring at a venue. 

Consider how annual events affect dwell time and adjust playlist triggers, feeds or logic accordingly for those events.

See page 7 of the Digital Signage Content Strategy Guide to learn how to calculate refresh frequency.

Content Budget (Annually)

Check in annually to verify that your digital signage content strategy is actually providing value, instead of setting it and forgetting it. Are current content choices paying off? Have fixed initial costs and variable ongoing costs changed since last year? Is the current budget leaving room for network growth in the future?

For content, be as strategic as possible. If the dollars don’t exist to consistently refresh, make sure to strategically recycle content or at least give reused messages a new look and feel. Stale content won’t attract new eyes and won’t bring value to screens. For content ideas, see this post on attention-grabbing digital signage content in different venue types. 

Have fixed costs changed, such as how much manpower is needed for network upkeep? Is a growth plan in place for network expansion, and are there funds available for when the time is right? Re-evaluate each year and plan accordingly, so the network continues to yield a positive return on investment.

See page 10 of the Digital Signage Content Strategy Guide to learn where budget can be most flexible each year.

CMS Software, Players, Connectivity (Annually) 

Check in on networks to ensure everything supports the set goals efficiently. This means revisiting if content choices are over- or under-supported if connectivity is sufficient and if the current setup allows room for future growth. 

When showing simple updates or static content, save money via a lower-cost media player or bundle free software with limited features. On the opposite end, when showing dynamic or real-time content, the player may need to be upgraded to have the processing power for more demanding HTML animated content. Check in on these goals annually. 

Planning a digital signage content strategy change or expansion in the near future? Make sure software, players and connectivity choices support this growth. For example, opt-out of supplying the network connection through a mobile provider if the plan is to include large video files or constant updates. 

See page 11 of the Digital Signage Content Strategy Guide to learn about how format options impact automatic content updates.

Content Optimization (Weekly)

The key here is to work smarter, not harder. It’s easy to get overwhelmed with updating the new weekly special meal, updating for noteworthy office events, following any sort of update schedule in general or simply keeping templates fresh frequent enough basis to keep eyeballs on screens. Content can become overwhelming for Network Operators, Designers and Marketers alike if you don’t have a good strategy in place.

Keep team stress low by deciding what’s most important to feature and take advantage of content that updates automatically (if budget and network set-up allow). Picking an assortment of content that will draw attention and feature what’s most important for your space will create a positive return on investment every time. 

See page 14 of the Digital Signage Content Strategy Guide for details on A/B testing to get the most out of your message.

- - - -

While it may feel like an additional burden to be checking in regularly, it will pay off in the end when the network is consistently optimized to meet overall goals. With a perfectly planned playlist, a set budget, a supportive setup and curated content; you’re sure to consistently get the most out of your digital signage content strategy.