Content Strategy

2021 Digital Signage Content Ideas: Local Community Events

Written by:
Lorna Campbell
Marketing Manager

Fresh, relevant, eye-catching content tends to be a key focus for digital signage content strategy regardless of the size of the network. Content commonly chosen to accomplish these strategic goals is weather, news or traffic. A category of content that can be overlooked, but is a powerful addition to a playlist for all of the reasons above, is community events.

People are constantly coming together for local events. They’ve also successfully navigated the last year by hosting virtual gatherings instead of meeting in person, making Zoom a staple of everyone’s social lives. As a result, events are frequently occurring now both in-person and online for art, fitness, outdoors, spirituality or just for the sake of seeing one another’s faces.

Even if gatherings aren’t the same as they used to be, people are still finding ways to safely gather. But how does this possibly benefit a digital signage content strategy?

Events do a great job at grabbing audience attention because everyone likes to be in the know. Even if they aren’t planning on attending an event, it’s interesting to see what’s going on around town and fun to decide to go if an event looks compelling enough.

Audiences that are involved in the displayed events will feel a personal connection to them, making the event messages (and any of the following content that they stick around for) resonate at a much deeper level.

It's fun to see what's going on around town, and even drop in to some of the events!

Large companies specifically have a lot to gain with event digital signage content. Even though a company may have an established digital signage playlist with localized traffic or weather, showing events from the area adds a layer of relatability and friendliness to their brand and their content when they’re in tune with their community.

Regardless of size, any group displaying events on their screens will benefit from the freshness of events constantly being organized. Community Calendar is a great digital signage content option to start with. It’s easy to customize the way the content looks, where, and how often events are pulled to display. 

In addition to choosing events, you can choose from five different color themes!

As Community Calendar is configured to best fit a brand, it's possible to pick and choose which events will be particularly relevant or exciting to an audience. Attention is effectively grabbed as relevant events display at a pace that keeps things fresh. Playlists will also have a more personal touch that will have audiences engaging with screens over and over, and connecting them with a brand as a result!

Get Community Calendar now to start showing and experiencing events in your playlist today.