Content Strategy

Alerts & Safety in Digital Signage

Written by:
Pete Erickson
VP of Creative

Pristine screens, super slick software, and carefully crafted content are only as valuable as the audience they’re able to reach - that’s why we created Screenfeed Alerts to help protect the MOST valuable component of your digital signage network.

Employees. Patients. Students. Guests.

They’re the people that make up your audience.

But with all the time, energy, and resources you’ve invested in your network, have you taken steps to protect the safety of your audience? When an emergency occurs, it’s critical to warn everyone that could be affected as fast as possible. The reality is your screens may be the only chance some of your audience has to be alerted with life-saving information. The reality also is that it hasn’t always been easy or feasible to interrupt your playlist with this information as soon as it becomes pertinent—let alone defining what type, or severity, of alert would actually be helpful to your audience.

Keep Your Audiences Safe

Screenfeed Alerts was designed to solve that problem by creating customer configuration options that allow you to tailor your Alerts to work in a way that makes sense for your network and audiences. That is, you’re able to define the severity level at which your alerts will be triggered to display, as well as the type of alerts that are displayed (weather, public safety, etc.).


Perhaps most importantly, we’ve crafted Alerts to work in sync with some of the premier software solutions in digital signage (if you don’t see your software listed, have your provider connect with us!), so your work is done once your Alerts are initially set up.

Instant Response, Instant Value

While we’re certainly proud of the features built into Screenfeed Alerts, we’re really excited about offering a product that provides real value, both in terms of audience safety and peace of mind for your network’s key stakeholders. For them, knowing your emergency communication plan is anchored in an automated solution will put their minds at ease. That’s because Screenfeed Alerts are automatically displayed the instant they occur—any day, day or night, and then turn off once conditions are safe again.

Screenfeed Alerts are automatically displayed the instant they occur—day or night, and then turn off once conditions are safe again.

Even though it’s a content solution we genuinely hope is never needed, we think Alerts will make it easy for your network to add an affordable and effective layer of safety that’s always on call.

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