Google Trends is fresh, relevant and local content that your audience already loves... because they make it! Top trends, searches and hashtags across Google will refresh on your screen every 30 minutes in a beautiful and dynamic visual layout. Choose from 46 major countries to get trends from, and use the keyword filter tool to avoid any unwanted trending topics.

Twitter Trends is available, too!

Similar to Google Trends, but Twitter Trends will pull the top trending topics, hashtags and more from Twitter. Learn more here
Top Google trends are pulled for display
Global Coverage
46 major countries are covered so you can see top trends from wherever you want around the globe.
Keyword tool
Block unwanted words and trends.

Seriously Fresh Content

Google Trends refreshes every 30 minutes to keep screens fresh.

Totally Your Type

Pick from three default fonts to make Google Trends your own. Don't see a font that matches your brand? No problem, we can add one for you.

Color Power

Your choice of colors available for text, backgrounds and accents.

Turn Elements On/Off

Show/hide gradients, rank number text, count label and/or trends label.

Included in Content Pass!

Google Trends is included in the Content Pass mega-bundle.


Available in Animated HTML, Image Media RSS or Direct URL, JSON/XML


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