News from The Canadian Press

Canadian news, sports and entertainment in both English and French

Canadian-Based Digital Signage Content

Get news, entertainment and press news, and sports news from the Canadian Press for your screens that work well with or without audio and available in flexible delivery options such as MRSS or JSON/XML. Your audience can hear news relevant to Canada, with some content options such as Canadian Press 3-Pak having English or French language options available for a more personalized audience experience when they are viewing your screens. The Canadian Press is a trusted leading news source that will keep audiences entertained and up-to-date on whichever topic is most suitable for your screens.

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Screenfeed digital signage content will work with whichever software you choose to use so you can easily manage your playlists. As experts in content delivery, we are able to deliver content for you regardless of the software you use. We're always here to work with you to provide the best delivery method available with the goal of making content delivery an automated process, so you can set it and forget it. See our full list of supported software here.