Why Screenfeed?

Glad you asked.

1 We care for our customers

Behind all of our great content is a team of caring professionals that are a phone call or email
away when you need us. Our customers rely on us for support, playlist strategy, creative
direction, or just advice about this unique industry - however we can help we will.

2 Engaging content attracts attention

Your goals can't be met if your screens are not viewed; and if potential viewers are not actual viewers
then your screens have no value. Screenfeed content are not just feeds of data, it is crafted media
optimized for the digital out of home medium to attract and entertain viewers.

3 We keep your screens fresh

Stale screens annoy employees and visitors and will decrease the
value of your investment of time and money. Screenfeed's content
can fill dwell times from 7 seconds to 2 hours with content that is
automatically refreshed on an hourly, daily or weekly basis to ensure
your screens don't go hungry and that your viewers are engaged.
More on how it works here »

5 One-stop Shop

Our Digital Signage Content Store holds enough content to fill all of your ready-made
content needs instantly. You'll enjoy the benefits of a single provider, consistent
delivery methods, consistent audio levels and one phone number to call for help.
Plus, benefit from quanity and bundle discounts the more you subscribe from us!

6 Big impact, small cost

We love crafting beautiful content for digital signage and it's all we do. We don't simply re-license someone else's
data feed to you. We are a full staff of talented content pros who concept, design and create unique content that
you can leverage at an affordable cost. Move beyond simple RSS feeds to leverage syndicated media that packs
a big punch. Need something custom? Read on...

7 Customize our content

Because we provide most of our content in ready-made designs you can use immediately, customers often think
content cannot be customized. In fact, the vast majority of our feeds can be customized to your look-and-feel.
They can also be formatted for sidebars, footers or various sized zones as well. Create a custom design yourself,
or have us do it for you.

8 Public-friendly

Stories about a bad economy, sexual topics, or violence may work well online; but they don't matchup with most
objectives of digital signage. Screenfeed's original content is produced by our team of content editors who choose
topics based on both interest and appropriateness so you leave a positive impression on your viewers. In addition,
keyword filtering can be applied for your own business rules such as eliminating stories about competitors. This
peace of mind offered by Screenfeed content feeds is highly valued by most of our customers

9 Online moderation tool gives you the control

For those who want to have the efficiencies of ready-made content, but want full control to review everything
sent to your screens - our optional online moderation tool comes to the rescue. Review all content available to
your feeds in your browser and approve what will be delivered to your screens. Alternatively, allow all content to
flow and immediately remove any item from the feed if you choose. Either way, you are in control.

10 Multiple delivery options for every scenario

Have thousands of locations? Firewalls? Cellular connections? or only update content overnight? After working
with over 600 customers, we've likely experienced it all; and with delivery options such as Media RSS, Direct
URL, HTML5, Flash Playback, FTP or our custom downloader app - we'll work with you and your software provider
to build the right automated delivery solution.

11 We're reliable

We work with the understanding that our customers rely on our service to be running at all times and we've built a
reliable network to ensure we can deliver. Screenfeed boasts higher than a 99.7% uptime and we respond to any
issues that arise immediately. We're proud of the fact we support both Fortune 500 companies and small
businesses with reliable service they can depend on.

12 Work with a Partner who Continues to Innovate

What we love most about creating digital media is that the possibilities to innovate are endless. When you
choose to work with a content partner, why not choose to work with a company that continues to expand the
boundaries of syndicated media to provide you new options. If you don't, will your competitors?