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Social Apps Re-authentication

Social Apps Re-authentication

Learn about how to reconnect your social channels to Screenfeed's Social Apps digital signage content when your social account needs to be re-authenticated.

Due to new requirements, Social Apps (Facebook & Instagram account(s)) are required to authenticate or re-authenticate approval for Screenfeed to display content from your social media accounts. This can be done quickly and easily from the Screenfeed website in under 4 minutes.

Here are instructions to authenticate your account(s):

1. Ensure you're logged out of your Facebook and Instagram accounts in the web browser you are using

2. Next, login to

3. Find Social Apps under the Feeds tab

4. Click "Edit" for the Social Apps feed you are using (Screenshot)

5. Under the Authorized Accounts list on the bottom left of the screen, click the 'replace' link to the right of Facebook and/or Instagram

6. A new window will appear asking you to login to your account and then approve the Screenfeed Content app. Login and provide your approval

7. Remove your current content source (Screenshot)

8. Click "Add Content" (Screenshot)

9. Select Instagram/Facebook as the source (Screenshot)

10. You are done!

Note: If you are a reseller and have set this up for your customer, you will need their Instagram or Facebook credentials.

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