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Sharing Data Connections

Sharing Data Connections

Some considerations on whether or not you might want to share a data connection with other apps in your account.

Sharing Data Connections

When creating a connection you will see an option for sharing the data connection with other apps in your account.

A few items to consider when choosing No (default) or Yes.

  • If you select Yes the data connection will appear within your account for other apps to use.
  • At this point an account is defined by each customer account so this could allow coworkers to use your data in other apps.
  • If you do not choose to share a data connection, the connection will only be accessible through the initial App. It will not appear in the connections section when you first log into connect.

You can change this setting after creating a connection by clicking on the connected widget, then Manage Data from the right hand properties panel.

Choose the settings tab and you will be able to adjust the sharing settings.

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