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About Raydiant

Our system is built from the ground up to be cloud-managed. We developed a track record for being incredibly reliable compared to competitors because we built and maintain our own operating system and application eco-system. All are vertically integrated with a standard hardware offering.

Who Does Raydiant Best Serve

A large portion of our customers are brick and mortar businesses. We serve everyone from restaurants wanting an easy way to update their menus to retail stores advertising sales, car dealerships showcasing top sellers, grocery stores advertising deals, hospitals showcasing safety protocol and more.

What distinguishes us from other digital signage solutions is our Experience Platform. We have a large marketplace filled with applications that help to build an entire experience. This includes music videos, B2B music library, video conferencing, social sharing, menu management, gamified leader boards and contests and more.

We also have a touch screen solution called Kiosk and a work-from-home and remote learning solution called Virtual Room.


Cameron Essalat



(650) 534-6045


Raydiant Customer Reviews

"The simplicity of the user interface. It is intuitive even for someone without big computer skills like Photoshop. Lots of content available to adapt and modify, I don't have to create anything from scratch unless I want to. Incorporation of moving video images really adds pop to my digital marketing and cross platform utilization on Facebook is easy and very effective. Support is east to reach, very quick to respond clear and understandable and able to remote in and screen share to help me learn. The price point is fantastic and this is a real bargain. This is a very powerful product that I was able to create fantastic content with in much less than 1 hour."

Lawrence B.

Dentist Owner

Screenfeed Compatibility



  • 24/7 Monitoring
  • Support JPG
  • Support PNG
  • Support GIF
  • Support MP4
  • Support HTML5
  • Content Templating
  • User Permission Playlist Control
  • Content Builder/Canvas
  • Content Library with Tagging
  • Timeline-based playlist scheduling
  • Content App Store
  • Support 1080p
  • Support 4k
  • Local Download Caching
  • Support for Interactivity
  • User Permission
  • Mobile Application
  • SaaS
  • LTE solution, embedded video conferencing, social media, menu design, B2B music and music video services, gamified leader boards and contests and more

Industries Served

  • Retail
  • Healthcare
  • Banks
  • Schools
  • Restaurants
  • Entertainment
  • Government
  • Church
  • Office
  • Transit
  • Education, car dealership, hospitality

Content Creation

  • Content builder
  • Content templating
  • App store

Support Fees?


Raydiant Pricing

One time hardware fee or $169 +$59/ monthly fee.




300 Players


  • API Support
  • RSS data feed
  • HTML5

Choosing the Perfect Software

We've put together a guide on choosing the right player for your network. Read the full post here!

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