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About Cablecast

Cablecast CG by Tightrope Media Systems offers seamlessly integrated graphic announcement management as a part of our all-in-one digital broadcast and enterprise video solutions. Cablecast CG is designed to bring seamless graphic announcements to cable channels, closed circuit channels, web streams, and OTT apps in full screen or as an L-Bar framing your live channel playout.

The Cablecast CG graphics solution uses a zone-based workflow with user roles and permissions and a wide array of turnkey bulletin templates and channel designs. The web-centric management is accessible from anywhere by your whole team. The mobile-friendly UI and platform ubiquity makes it the ideal solution for getting urgent information out fast. 

Cablecast CG plays nicely with a variety of dynamic sources including ical, rss, twitter and more for an always fresh output that’s professionally branded with minimal upkeep.

Who Does Cablecast Best Serve

Cablecast CG is ideal for schools, cities, houses of worship and other organizations looking for consolidated multiplatform content distribution across the web, cable and over the top platforms for live, scheduled and on demand programming.

It’s also ideal for organizations using closed circuit networks on premise such as resorts, retirement facilities, and cruise ships.


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Cablecast Customer Reviews

“Everyone from our superintendent to our director of public health are using it to provide updates about school re-openings and safety protocols. Being able to easily share [those updates] in the highest quality possible has been critical for us, and Cablecast is enabling us to do that.”

Matt Mena-Landry
Media Arts Program Manager, Cambridge Public Schools

“A game-changer for us was the ability to work with the local emergency planning committee to post information that was critical and timely, when it absolutely has to get out. We post emergency notices from wherever we have electricity and Internet connectivity, or even using cellular data on our mobile phones if our Internet link is down. People in the community really sat up and took notice, as there was nowhere else they could go to get information that quickly. It made Falmouth Community Television instantly more vital to the community.”

Debra Rogers
Executive Director & CEO, FCTV

“Holbrook is a unique community in terms of political engagement and HCAM serves a vital role in that...Cablecast helps us help them watch what's going on in an age when people want it right now.”

Zack Gorman
Executive Director, HCAM - Holbrook, MA

Screenfeed Compatibility

API Support, RSS data feed, Media RSS, iCal and CAP.


  • Support JPG
  • Support PNG
  • Support MP4
  • Content Templating
  • User Permission Playlist Control
  • Content Builder/Canvas
  • Content Library with Tagging
  • Weighted-based playlist scheduling
  • Timeline-based playlist scheduling
  • Support 1080p
  • Local Download Caching
  • Emergency Messaging
  • User Permission
  • Proof-of-play reporting
  • Locally Managed

Industries Served

  • Schools
  • Government
  • Church
  • Office
  • Digital Broadcast/Cable

Content Creation

  • Content Builder
  • Content Templating
  • In-House Custom Content Services

Support Fees?

Free support is available during business hours.

Cablecast Pricing

Modular hardware systems are configured to fit your organization’s needs. Cablecast CG is an optional software add-on for digital broadcast solutions and comes standard with enterprise streaming solutions. Included manufacturer’s software and hardware warranties vary by product. Please contact us to obtain a quote.



5 Players


  • Media Player Support Windows
  • Media Player Support Android
  • Media Player Support Roku
  • Media Player Support Amazon
  • Media Player Support Other

Choosing the Perfect Software

We've put together a guide on choosing the right player for your network. Read the full post here!

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