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About Capital Networks

We've learned a lot during more than 30 years in the business of communication. We pride ourselves on providing outstanding customer service and incorporate these 4 elements into the solutions we develop.

Scalability: Scalability includes, not simply the number of media players it can support, but also how well it integrates with existing client systems and the fact that it is hardware agnostic, providing easy expansion potential.

Efficiency & Ease of Use: Creating an environment that a client finds easy to work with on a day-to-day basis. Often a combination of data automation and an accessible and efficient browser based interface for content management.

Intelligent Content Management: The priority based scheduling model provides powerful options for advanced scheduling scenarios on top of the normal date-range and time-range scheduling.

Flexibility in Configuration: Capital Networks supports a wide range of hardware including external media players and System on Chip monitors (LG, Samsung, Sony, Philips, Sharp, ViewSonic, Panasonic).

Who Does Capital Networks Best Serve

With roots in the broadcast and cable television industry, Capital Networks has supported both local and global news and advertising channels/platforms, including some of the largest communications companies in the world and customers in over 40 countries.

In more recent years, the main focus of the company has been on the expanding Digital Signage market with a strong emphasis on communications signage in the Healthcare, Municipal, Corporate, Education and Hospitality verticals.

Solo screens to large networks. Single zone displays to intricate designs. Indoor and outdoor and everything in between. You name the digital signage application and we can probably provide you an example of one we’ve done.

Our solutions are not mutually exclusive of one another, meaning that our clients have the ability to use one or all of them within a single network, all managed by the same backend software.


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Capital Networks Customer Reviews

“Thanks for always being there to help. I have told Heather many times before that in all the years with working at the City I have never worked with a vendor that was so helpful. I truly appreciate all the work your team does. Always above and beyond.”

- Patti Sargent, Desktop Analyst - Continuous Improvement/Information Technology/Corporate Services

City of Hamilton

"Company service like that exhibited by your staff is exceptionally rare, and I commend you for the obvious company-wide attitude that your customers are a priority."

- Shelia Hogue, Marketing Manager

Glasgow EPB

Ongoing Content Management & Creation

Operational Services: From network strategy to content creation and playlist management, Capital Networks can effectively take on operations of your new or current digital signage deployment by providing consultation, production and support services that will enhance performance and maximize investment.

Consultation: Whether you're in the project planning stage or looking to enhance an existing installation, our sales, production and support teams are always available to offer expert advice regarding everything from optimal system configuration to advanced scheduling options and high impact, custom show designs.

Production & Creative Services: From custom content creation to complete show design, we're able to provide you with full-service solutions. Whether you want us to work with your creative team, your advertising agency or provide a complete turnkey product, our team of dedicated, creative professionals is here to help.

Automated Data & Content: Real-time, automated data streams ensure that engaging and timely digital content is always on display. News, Weather, Sports, Financial, Trivia and Lottery content from a variety of feeds including RSS, CSV, XML and Excel files can be easily supported or supplied by Capital Networks.

24/7 Technical Support: We're very proud of the service our support team provides. Timely, consistent and efficient expertise for more than 30 years. 24 hours a day and 7 days a week, our customers benefit from the confidence of knowing that help is always available just when it's needed the most.


24/7 Network Monitoring

Support JPG

Support PNG

Support GIF

Support MP4

Support HTML5

Support Media RSS

Content Templating

User Permission Playlist Control

Content Builder/Canvas Tool

Timeline-based playlist scheduling

Support 1080p

Support 4k

Video Walls

Local Download Caching

Support for Interactivity

Emergency Messaging

User Permission

Proof-of-play reporting

Mobile Application content management


Locally Managed Software

24/7 Commercial Grade Displays

Touchscreen Solutions

Outdoor Displays

LCD Displays

LED Displays

OLED Displays

Custom Installations

Network Security Expertise

Room/seat booking solutions

Mobile Tracking Analytics

Video Tracking Analytics

PoS System Integrations

Recommended Hardware

SoC Samsung SSSP


SoC Google ChromeOS

Media Player Support Windows

Media Player Support Android

Media Player Support BrightSign

Media Player Support Chrome

Media Player Support IAdea

Industries Served










Broadcast/Cable TV

Software Experience


Capital Networks Pricing

Capital Networks supports a wide variety of solutions with hosted and enterprise options available. Pricing is based on type of solution(s) and scope of installation.

Please contact us to discuss your next project.

Choosing the Perfect Integrator

We've put together a guide on choosing the right player for your network. Read the full post here!

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