Get the Summer Games Bundle to follow the thrill of the games with medal count and news! Full coverage of the games will only be available for a limited time throughout the duration of the event. Content will be available until August 13, 2021.

Anticipation of the games is buzzing with everything beginning in a few short weeks. The news cycle is in full swing and ready to be scheduled today. Medal counts can also be scheduled and will show a countdown clock up until the games begin, which will then show countries earning the most gold, silver and bronze. 

Customization options are available, too! For news choose a theme, font, and color scheme to fit your brand, and moderate on-the-go with the Screenfeed Companion mobile app. For medal counts, choose your country to watch individually as well along with the default top 5 displayed.

*Pricing is a one-time charge for the duration of the event.

Local Medal Counts

Multiple New Stories Daily

Worldwide Excitement

Color Power For News

Customize type, primary and accent colors to fit your brand or preference.

Responsive Design For News

Turn Elements On/Off For News

Hide the Title, Summary, Source Logo, or Location

Totally Your Type For News

Choose from six hand-picked fonts or request a custom one.
Per Story
2:30 Loop Fill
Moderate on-the-go with the Screenfeed Companion App
Available for iOS and Android

Works without sound.